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Loader cranes - Trailers - Power supplies - Training - Storage containers - Hydraulic equipment

We specialize in load handling solutions, machine production and technical innovation.

Through 20 years of solid experience and genuine dedication, we put our pride in creating solutions to assist our customers in gaining the competitive edge in an increasingly tougher marketplace.

We provide the most reliable hydraulic cranes from DN, in the range from 0,5 to 24 t/m. As the only European supplier we can offer custom made cranes to meet any need. If you need special measurements, custom made appliances etc, we can solve it.

We have a country-wide service solution for our products!

We are one of few Norwegian manufacturers of machinery. Our main products are KranX hydraulic power packs, hydraulic solutions and provident energy solutions. KranX products are developed both for land- and marine based industry. KranX is a registered trade mark at the Norwegian Patent Board.

We take over when others give up. We can manufacture and/or supply machinery that solve the most complicated tasks. Do you have an unsolved problem, we can also provide consultant services to help your business achieve higher efficiency and better margins.

We offer certified training within the construction industry. We provide course packages including transportation and accommodation. We can also set up courses within your business and assist in tailored internal training. HSE an QA - systems are tailor made for your business, small or large. In this way, you can be assure that your business has everything in order at any time, and can provide the documentation for it. 

4 prototypes in one.
Manufactured in Norway.
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