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Load handling concept - demotrailer

Norwegian innovation in practice! This is the future within multi-purpose machinery and efficient load handling. Please contact us if you want a visit of our dempo trailer or if you need more information.

Call Tommy, telephone +47 950 96 540.

General information

We have manufactured a self-supportive crane frame with its own power source and a knucle-boom crane. It can be towed on a small size trailer or a small truck as cargo. It can lift it self off of the vehicle and be used as a stationary  construction crane. Furthermore, it can be moved on road, and into position by a self-propelled radio controlled trailer that we also manufactured. The crane frame is powered by a hybrid power pack. It can be driven on diesel fuel an/or electric power. In this way, the crane can work on site without noise and emissions.

The crane has three joints, which makes it extremely flexible. It is radio controlled and has a horisontal outreach of 9,4 m, where it can lift 300 kg.

The crane frame has 100% lifting capacity in a 360° sector without counterweights, which is remarkable!

The hydraulic power pack has an extra outlet for hydraulic tools. For example, it can run a hydraulic generator of until 7 kW and provde electricity to your construction site. It can also run a core drilling machine, bilge pumps, hydraulic high pressure washers, hydraulic wiches, etc. For maximum flexibilty, the crane can lift its own power pack off of the crane frame and over on a pickup truck etc, for use as a separate power pack. In this case, the crane is connected to a separate hydraulic outlet on the trailer, who has its own power pack. 

The trailer is a radio-controlled diesel driven three-way tipper. It can move the cunstruction crane by it self, be used as a load carrier or as an ordinary trailer. For maximum safety, the trailer has automatic rear stabilizers who adapt to the terrain when tipping. Furthermore, it has powerful woking ligts to the front and rear, 360° warninglights and movement activated sound warning. Everyhing is conveniently operated on the radio control panel, as well as start and stop of the power pack that runs it.

The propulsion system consists of two hydraulic motors with robust drive wheels. When activated, they are pushed down between the trailers wheels with hydraulic force. This provides a powerful four-wheel drive. The trailer can easily manouver with full load, even in rough terrain.

Technical data

Crane frame

KranX Spyder




Weight w. hybrid power pack


Hybrid power pack

KranX HydraPack 14D6E Hybrid


Width:                             Height:                                


Noise level@1000 rpm           Noise level@3600 rpm         Capacity diesel:                  

Capacity electric:              

Capacity hybrid:                 

Work pressure crane:             Work pressure tools:           

Oil cooler output:               Oil capacity:               

Diesel capacity:                   Hydraulic outlets:

Hydraulic connectors:

Power inlets:                         

Diesel engine:                       Engine control:                                                                   

Electric engine:                                                                  

DN 4,0 S2, Jib S1
Lifting capacity:
Hydraulic outreach:
Lifting capacity @9,4 m
Max lifting capacity jib
Max lifting capacity w/o jib
Radio control
Working lights

Power pack on trailer
KranX HydraPack 5D
Capacity diesel:
Work pressure:

Propulsion system
KranX Trail
Hydraulic power pack:
Wheel drive:
Wheel drive engagement:
Hydraulic system:
Radio control:
Hydraulic tank:
Electrical system:

WIKS Trip 27
Gross weight:
Tare weight:
Bed size:
Three way tipper:
Rear stabilzers:
Propulsion system

3000 mm

1800 mm

1850 mm

   2100 kg

4,5x5,0 m

600 mm

1700 mm

900 mm
      450 kg
65 dB
80 dB
44 l/min
18 l/min
62 l/min
240 bar
140 bar
 9 kW
40 l
33 l


4,0 t/m
9,4 m
300 kg
700 kg
3400 kg

46 cm
90 cm
55 cm
85 kg
80 dB
4 l
180 bar
16 l/min


2,5 km/t

40 l
12 V

2700 kg
840 kg
3200x1800 mm

Adjustable pressure until 2x270 bar, stepless or stepped oil flow until 62 l/min

Tema flat face 

2-circuit pressure-return, extra leak oil to tank

400V/3-phase 16A and 230V/3-phase 16A optional, automatic switchover

Yanmar 3TNM 68, 14 kW. 3-cyl. water cooled

Retrofitted electronic start, stop and rpm control from the crane remote or electronic panel on power pack.

Lönne 5,9 kW 400/230V. 8,5/14,8A

Scanreco RC 400 Excecutive

LED on 1st boom and jib

Yanmar L70N, 5 kW 1-cyl. air-cooled diesel

KranX HydraPack 5D

Hydraulic motors with wheel drive

Hydraulic with lever

Danfoss PVG 16

HBC Radiomatic, Linus 4

Hydraulic, radio controlled

Hydraulic, radio controlled

4WD hydraulic propulsion, KranX Trail